Binary Options Recovery

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Binary Option Support

Binary is a leading binary options broker offering online trading in the binary options market on a user-friendly, high performance trading platform. At Binary, investors come to trade currencies, Commodities and Indices in the profitable, binary options market. Binary is a subsidiary of PPT Capital and founding members of the investment group are experienced veterans of the financial industry with over 50 years of experience servicing the capital markets.

Binary is making a name for itself in online binary options trading with excellent conditions and a powerful online trading platform that lets traders place trades instantly and make quick returns. Binary traders are drawn to the simplicity of the Binary experience, which lets traders succeed in the fast-growing binary options market. Offering an exciting trading experience on a simple user-interface, trading at Binary can result in high rewards for the trader. At Binary the success of traders translates into success for the company. Binary stands by its mission to provide clients with access to a simple and intuitive trading platform, supported by a dedicated team of trading professionals. The online trading platform provides a well-designed interface and innovative trading experience, maximizing the ability of each trader to develop a unique trading strategy.

Market Feeds
At Binary, you will enjoy instant, up-to-date access to relevant news items, charting software and streaming feeds. Our seasoned experts, all of whom were hired on the strength of their ability to digest and interpret the ceaseless flow of economic news, will assist you in applying the news stories, graphs and charts to your trading decisions.

24 Hour Help Desk Support
Our Help Desk team is ready to assist you at all hours of the day. We’ll advise you on all matters concerning account management, platform services and payment processing. You can contact us using any of the following methods: Email, Phone, Live Chat.

Technical Support
Our full-time staff of system analysts will handle and solve any problems pertaining to platform performance. Our platform was built by the people who work at Binary, so you know that any problem will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

Payment Processing
uBinary can send you your profits by any of the following methods: Credit Card, E-Wallet, Bank Transfer Current Promotion From time to time, uBinary offers amazing bonuses for new clients, just for starting to trade with us. Open an account and get a 30% bonus, up to $2,000!

3 Types of Assets:
Currencies: Currencies are local coins and banknotes used in countries around the world. The currencies are organized into pairs, such as the EUR/USD, GBP/JPY and AUD/CAD.

Commodities: Commodities are raw materials, such as Gold, Silver, Oil.

Indices: An Index is a list of securities such as the stock exchange which includes the American Nasdaq, the Dow Jones, the Japanese Nikkei, the British FTSE, the French CAC and more.